Exploring Borough’s Market

Comparing Pike Place Market in Seattle to Borough’s Market in London is like comparing Market Basket or Safeway to Whole Foods….or store bought vanilla cupcakes with hard, sweet bakery frosting to homemade chocolate cupcakes with a whipped chocolate butter cream frosting. I hate to put down Pike Place because I feel lucky to live close to it and enjoy it immensely when I am in Seattle. The Market represents a large part of Seattle culture and dates back to 1907. Borough’s Market on the other hand dates back to 1014. During my trip to London last year, Lisa took me through the market and I quickly fell in love. What I didn’t realize was that when I visited it in 2010, it wasn’t technically open. Last Saturday Matt, Lisa, David and I hopped on the tube to see the market in all it’s glory when it was open.

I thought Borough’s Market was my mecca last year when I didn’t realize it wasn’t “open”, so I wasn’t prepared for the culinary over-stimulation that occurred during my visit this year. Our first stop was St. John Bakery which is the bakery to the beloved St. John restaurant started by Fergus Henderson. The British Chef is world renown for his philosophy in nose to tail eating. Although there weren’t any noses or tails in this doughnut, it was fluffy and lightly covered with sugar. The inside was oozing out with vanilla bean pastry cream and it was one of the greatest sweet treats I have ever put in my mouth. This gourmet and gluttonous adventure continued throughout the market with a plethora of cheeses including fresh mozzarella di bufala that was made right in front of you, fruits, vegetables, cured meats, game, poultry, red meat, pork, pasta, olives, olive oil, jams, cookies, pastries, cakes, and breads. Need I go on? I know I’ve forgotten loads of things, however from all the pictures below, you will certainly get a feel for this market full of contagious epicurean energy. I have such admiration for a marketplace that has been in place for over one thousand years. I will enjoy Pike Place Market when I return to Seattle, but my love and adoration for Borough’s Market will always be in the back of my mind and in my heart. Ok, so you think I’m exaggerating or being dramatic, but you are just going to have to visit this market and see for yourself.

Update from the Brothers: Through our communication via email, it seems like the Brothers are doing well although unhappy without me. The refrigerator has been broken for weeks, clearly unhappy with the leftovers that it has been stocked with lately. Here’s a quote from my boss’s email, “Nick is doing fine. Playing Santa at the zoo and cooking for us elves. We so look forward to your return.” It’s nice to know I’m missed….

St. John & Stilton

Neil's Yard Dairy


Potted Meats

Take a guess what's in this cheese

The Leaning Tower of Brownies

Bread Galore


Monmouth Coffee- Amazing



Happy Girl

Sebastiano and I

The Weed Cheese

About to go into Grilled Cheese

best.grilled.cheese.ever, ask Anthony Bourdain

David and I

A very special thank you to David for taking many of the wonderful pictures from Borough’s Market.