David’s Almond Cake

While my husband does have quite the knack for cooking and baking, the David I’m referring to in the title is David Lebovitz. You’ve heard me rave about him in my other posts such as Chocolate Orbit Cake, and last weekend, it all became clear to me just how good he really is. I don’t just love him for his honest and witty personality or because he is living the dream in an apartment in Paris (although I am jealous). I love him because his recipes absolutely rock, and most of the time you get a giggle out of reading his posts or recipes. We made David’s Mint Chip Ice Cream for a party last weekend which was unlike any other mint chip ice cream which was exceptional and tasted like pure fresh mint, not fake extract. On Sunday, I made David’s Almond Cake because the weather was colder than normal and I didn’t mind heating up the condo with the oven. Not all almond cakes are created equal. Some recipes yield a drier cake with subtle almond flavor, while this recipe produces a moist cake that packs an almond punch.

It’s only fair that I send you back to David’s site for the recipe since there were no need for any adaptations. Happy Eating!

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