A Hint of Spring

I knew there would come a time during my stay in England when I would be homesick for Seattle and I assumed it would be sometime in mid-March. We have been having lovely spring weather and as the first week of March approached, all the daffodils popped out of the ground at once covering the city and countryside. In Seattle, March is one of my favorite months when the dried flowers are put away and hues of yellow, orange and white flood Pike Place Market, kicking off the beginning of spring. Daffodils are usually $2/dozen there, which makes it easy and affordable to have a fresh bunch or four two always in your home.

Before heading into the farmer’s market this week, I contemplated snipping off a few flowers that were on “our” property, of course hoping that the owners didn’t peer over the brick wall and catch me. At the farmer’s market, the first thing that caught my eye were the potted daffodils for sale and when I turned the corner, I saw that many of the vendors were selling bunches of cut daffodils for £1/dozen. For those comparison shoppers out there, that’s the equivalent to $1.63 a bunch in the states, which means in Salisbury, it’s 37 cents cheaper to buy a dozen than in Seattle. I splurged and bought a whopping 3 bunches then practically sprinted home to add the touch of color and hint of spring to our cottage. I no longer feel like I’m missing out in Seattle and I’m happy to know that I’ll be able to celebrate the start of spring properly in England (and technically save money too, right?).

Daffodils at the Moat Cottage

Love that color

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